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Catalytic Converter Protection Edmonton

    Catalytic converter theft in Edmonton is on the rise.

    In 2021, there were 4,797 catalytic converter thefts reported in Alberta – and 55% of those occurred in Edmonton!

    To help keep our valued customers and their vehicles safe from theft, Park Muffler now designs and installs custom catalytic converter cages to protect your car against catalytic converter theft.

    Keep reading to learn more about catalytic converter theft prevention and how we can help you.

    Why Do People Steal Catalytic Converters?

    Catalytic converters contain a precious metal known as rhodium, which now goes for almost $13,500 CDN per ounce.

    Not only is the cost of rhodium incentive enough for criminals to steal catalytic converters, but the process of removing them from a vehicle is fairly simple.

    So simple, in fact, that the theft can occur in a matter of minutes.

    If your catalytic converter is stolen, you may be covered for its replacement under a comprehensive auto insurance policy – but you may be responsible for paying a deductible and any depreciation.

    This is why it’s important to consider catalytic converter theft prevention to protect your vehicle.

    Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    If you are worried about losing your catalytic converter to thieving hands, here are some useful tips:

    Find Out if Your Car is Targeted

    Thieves will target particular vehicle models when it comes to stealing catalytic converters. A simple call to your local muffler shop will give you an idea of which cars are at a higher risk in your area.

    Paint Your Catalytic Converter

    While painting your catalytic converter doesn’t prevent theft, it makes it easier for authorities to trace it.

    Using a high-temperature fluorescent paint, paint your catalytic converter and inscribe your vehicle’s VIN number on the painted surface.

    Install an Anti-Theft Device

    A cable locking device can be installed on your catalytic converter to make it more difficult to steal.

    One of the most popular devices is a steel shield that fits over the catalytic converter that requires more time and extra tools to remove.

    Park Muffler offers this type of protection!

    Catalytic Converter Theft Protection from Park Muffler

    At Park Muffler, we use galvanized steel cages with cold-rolled round bars to protect your catalytic converter. The cage is securely bolted to your vehicle to prevent theft.

    This form of protection is custom-made for your vehicle!

    When it comes to our galvanized steel cages, our team at Park Muffler has seen attempted catalytic converter thefts in the past.

    However, only minor cuts were made to the converter with no successful thefts!

    We will warranty any required adjustments to ensure the cage is properly attached and does not rattle as you drive.

    Should your catalytic converter require repair, we do recommend that you come to us so that we can properly handle your custom-fit cage.

    Your Catalytic Converter Repair Experts!

    For catalytic repair, we offer exceptional and comprehensive service and guarantee the highest standards in repair and replacement work.

    If you are concerned that someone has tried to steal your catalytic converter or are noticing decreased performance in your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals for catalytic converter repair services.

    Get Your Free Quote Today!

    Park Muffler offers free estimates for catalytic converter protection installation!

    While we will have to take a look at most vehicles on site to determine a quote, the process is free and will give you peace of mind when it comes to catalytic converter theft prevention in Edmonton.

    Get in touch with us today to book your free quote!



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    What Our Customers Say

    Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to picking type of tire which most suits my driving needs. Also, their price and service were unbeatable!! Thank you Park Muffler!!
    Lana Gelineau
    Lana G.
    00:38 15 Dec 22
    I was asked to bring my son’s 88 f150 back to the shop after a repair had been completed that I thought may have had issues. Ed the owner had asked me to come into the shop so he could walk me through his findings in detail he was awesome. He ask me to book another appointment to see if on of his specialists could resolve some issues. Ed also made a couple great suggestions regarding the exhaust system. I really appreciated his crews quick response of having me bring it back in.I highly suggest if you have an issue just give them a call back you won’t be disappointed.
    REV V
    REV V
    14:35 05 Dec 22
    We got the catalytic converter stolen and we went to this place. The owner sat with us and explained, the current situation with the catalytic converters and the options we had. They found the parts and repaired the car in the same day. They put a cage underneath the catalytic converter to protect it better. We were invited into the shop and we saw the work they did. The owner showed us around, introduced us to the team. In spite of the hard time we were going through we felt they treated us like family and this is something we appreciate. We highly recommend this place
    Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos G.
    23:48 27 Nov 22
    After having my catalytic converter stolen , Park Muffler was able to get me in the same day I called and price matched me with another quote I had been given. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing timely repairs.
    Hannah Liguori
    Hannah L.
    02:25 23 Nov 22
    They did pretty good job on my s4 b8.5!
    Panos Spartan Ceramics Tiles Ltd (Spartan Ceramics)
    Panos Spartan Ceramics Tiles Ltd (Spartan C.
    20:01 15 Nov 22
    After my wife's engine light went on, she drove to the nearest mechanic center. Nervous about her car's condition and about being a newcomer to Park Muffler, her fears were quickly dissipated by the courteous treatment and friendly-informative manner of the staff. She was put more at ease at the very professional manner in which they proceeded to do diagnostics, identify and detail the problem along with giving a very reasonable cost-estimate of repairs. What made her experience even more positive was the extent they went to look after the problem, taking more time and extensive measures to get it exactly right, but while honoring the original estimated price, even though much more time and effort was required than initially anticipated. At the end, my wife's car was running perfectly again for a real bargain given all the work that went into it. It is very refreshing to find such a combination of professionalism and honor in dealing with a mechanic, but that is exactly what we found with Park Muffler. We highly recommend them and would give them more than 5 stars if we were able to.
    Mark Paradis
    Mark P.
    01:19 13 Nov 22
    Ed and his team are very nice. Gave me a good deal on my muffler delete on my ford explorer V8. Sounds amazing. They look after me and take me in right away. 5 star for them! And fast service too!
    Garick Leonardo
    Garick L.
    16:30 12 Nov 22
    I canon's say that customer service and installation was second to none. Highly recommend Park for all your needs. I couldn't be happier with the exhaust installed
    John Bricks
    John B.
    11:07 09 Nov 22
    I’ve used ParK Muffler for a few of my vehicle repairs and can’t thank Ed enough! He’s there if you have questions and such a great listener he really goes above and beyond for all of his customers and I’ve never met a more kind individual definitely recommend!
    Shelly Jo
    Shelly J.
    03:30 09 Nov 22
    Amazing business! The owner was very nice and down to earth. They made sure to fit us in to get winter tires put on, even though they were incredibly busy. I would definitely recommend this company.
    20:11 05 Nov 22

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